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    <♦>Selling 54 Riven|| Buying some stuff ||Videos || Tradable || Negotiable || Refundable <♦> IGN: SlashViral


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    <♦>Selling 54 Riven|| Buying some stuff ||Videos || Tradable || Negotiable || Refundable <♦> IGN: SlashViral

    Post by SlashViral on Sat Jul 15, 2017 5:34 am

    Hello !

     My IGN : SlashViral

    Profile : https://forums.warframe.com/profile/2412174-slashviral/
    <♦️>Note <♦️>

    >>>>>>>Refund 90% within 24 hours after purchase. <<<<<<<<

     ! Price might change when Video come out !

    For Refund Request please  send me a mail : https://forums.warframe.com/messenger/compose/?to=2412174.

    ♦️Please check SOLD DATE after purchase (can find below the Mod's name )
    HOW TO CONTACT ME ? Use this link : https://forums.warframe.com/messenger/compose/?to=2412174

    >>>>>>>♦️Tip : You can use Ctrl+F and Type Weapon Name to find Riven for it !  ♦️<<<<<<<<

    <♦️>Special Offer :<♦️>

    Get 10% OFF for 3-4 Rivens

    Get 30% OFF for 5 Rivens

    Get 10% OFF when offer via https://forums.warframe.com/messenger/compose/?to=2412174

    <♦️> I'm looking for those stuff (Willing to buy or trade Very Happy ) <♦️>

    Depend on :https://warframe.market/

    Prime Set : Nyx-Loki-Bo-Sicarus

    Wraith Weapon: Latron

    Prisma Weapon: Veritux

    Vandal Weapon: Snipertron-Imperator

    Argon Scope - Maiming Strike

    Riven Mod :

    Upgrade for Stinger/Burst Laser / Sweeper (600p) :

    Damge+Multishot+FireRate/Toxin/Eletric and  - Zoom/-Ammo Max/+Recoil/Faction Damage

    Vectis Riven :

    Fire Rate + Damage + Reload/Element/Multishot/-Recoil  and -Zoom/Magazine/Faction Damage/Impact

    1.Aklex Feva-zetiata

    Decent Riven
    Price: 800

    2.Ankyros Hexanem

    Replace Drifting Contact

    Price : 300

    3.Boar Hexa-toxicron

    -High Toxin,Crit and >120% Status Chance Very Happy


    4.Burst Laser Argi-croniata 

    Only stand behind Damage+Multishot Riven

    *Useful when AFK in low-mid level Defence Missions 

    Price: 400

    5.Caustacyst Visi-manticon

    More Damage Very Happy

    Tip : How to use Caustacyst ? Hold E then Finish them xD

    Price : 200

    6.Dera Sati-heratin

    Dera's recoil is zero so it's fixed -> Harmless negative

    Fun riven xD 

    Price : 200

    7.Dread Crita-decitis

    Dual Crit and More Bleeding Time.

    Price: 800

    8.Dual Raza Acri-exipha

    Dual Raza Crit.D is x3.0

    Oneshot knocked down enemy

    Price: 400 

    9.Furax Vexi-mantinent

    Good for Furax Wraith  (Crit Damage x2.5)

    Anti Corpus

    10.Glaxion Visi-argican

    Good for non/light armor target


    11.Grinlok Fevasus

    More Slash Chance ,Huge reload speed increase  but shoot slower 

    Price : 150

    12.Grinlok  Toxican


    13..Halikar Crita-visitor


    14.Harpak Hexa-geliata

    More Damage and More Status Chance


    15.Harpak Hexa-visidra


    16.Harpak Lexiata

    300% + Damage

    Harmless Negative


    17..Hek Crita-vexitis

    Dual Crit + 1 Element

    Price: 500

    18.Heliocor Locticron

    Rerolling ... Come back later !

    Price is not set yet 

    19.Hema Acricron (For Collector)

    Play with Point Strike(150% Crit Chance) and You got 30% Crit Chance on Hema !

    Work well with Flat Crit Chance Buff like  Harrow / Adaza Kavat / Arcance Avenger .


    20.Hema VIsi-fevatis

    Work well with Flat Crit Chance Buff like  Harrow / Adaza Kavat / Arcance Avenger .


    21.Hind Sati-visitio

    Perfect ! Very Happy

    Now Hind is  usable

    Price : 1000 

    22.Javlok Crita-acritak

    Perfect ! Very Happy


    23.Karyst Mantidra

    This is Dagger ! >[Cover Lethality]

    More Attack Speed , Faster Finisher !


    24.Kohm Arma-scido

    Your magazine now is  411 


    25.Kohm Lexidex

    >120% Status Chance 

    with 4m PT and 1m inate --> Shoot through everything

     26.Kulstar Acri-critatox

    Work well with Flat Crit Chance Buff like  Harrow / Adaza Kavat / Arcance Avenger .

    27.Kulstar Hexaata

    Huge Damage buff . Careful !!!


    28.Latron Sati-armatox

    Perfect !


    29.Miter Visican

    iter's base Status Chance : 50% .With 2 mod 60% Status Chance (Total 120%) . Final Status Chance per Disk : 50%+50%(120-75.9) = 72% (Still Good Very Happy
    Video will come when i have [Argon Scope]


    30.Mutalist Quanta Sati-insiata - 31.Mutalist Quanta Insi-satiata

    Price: 400  / Price:500

    32.Ninkondi Igni-croninent

    Perfect !

    Price:1200 !

    33.Ogris Hexacron 

    Rerolling ... Come back later !


    34.Ohma Exi-visidra

     Price: 500

    35.Paracyst Visi-critatin

    Need 1 Slot for Primed Fast Hand !
    Price: 400

    36.Rubico Crita-mantitox

    Anti Corpus Weapon Very Happy

    Price: 200

    37.Staticor Hera-acrican

    Rerolling , Come back later :v

    Price is not set yet
    : 400

    38.Stinger Satitox

    Price : 400

    39.Stradavar Argi-visius

    Price: 300

    40.Strun Igni-fevacan

    Is using


    41.Strun Magna-fevacan

    Not for high level enemy 100>

    Need some Fire Rate to fix delay per shot-reload !

    42.Sybaris Critacan

    Crit-Status Build 

    Farming Sybaris Prime

    Price: 1500

    43.Tiberon Vexi-toxicak

    I will put it here and waitting for buff Sad

    Price: 300

    44.Tonkor Toxi-satiata

    I sold Tonkor ... 

    Price: 1000

    45.Torid Igni-acritox

    Work well with Flat Crit Chance Buff like  Harrow / Adaza Kavat / Arcance Avenger . (Copied 4th)

    Price: 400

    46.Twin Basolk Geli-toxidra

    Price: 400

    47.Twin Basolk Visi-vexitox

    You still deal damage xD

    48.Twin Gremlins Toxiata

    -Bye Slash and Hello Toxin and 400%+ Damage


    49.Tysis Sati-concido- 50.Tysis Satipha

    Price: 200 - Price 300

    51.Vectis Toxidex

    Rerolling ... Come back later !


    52.Zhuge Deci-cronitox

    Rerolling ... Come back later !


    53.Zhuge Insi-acricron

    Price: 800

    54. Jaw Sword Tempi-cronicon

    Farmming .... Jaw Sword

    Might good for Ash !

    That's all ! Thanks for your visit !  Have fun !

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